Email sometimes gets a bad name in the marketing game, most probably, because we receive plenty of emails ourselves that we don’t respond to. Still, we need to remember this is a modern form of targeted mass marketing; and really it is all about the quality of the list. The success or failure of your email marketing campaign is directly predicated upon the list of emails that you have compiled in preparation for it. Your list needs to be contemporary and is best developed in direct relation to your business, or an associated extension of some sort.

Small Business Tips For Creating Your First Email Marketing Campaign

Provide easy portals for people to register their emails with you. Avoid demanding online registration forms, just keep it simple – a name and their email is a good base to start with. Make the confirmation process similarly straight forward. Social media is providing popular places for people to register using their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts. Social media and email marketing can work hand in hand to grow your list and build your business. Always, offer a clear incentive for people to provide you with their email address. What’s in it for them?

Build a Brilliant List

Starting a business can be a great way to build a brilliant list, as you are in the giveaway zone at the beginning of your journey. Offering prizes and discount specials can lead to local business success, if you go about it the right way. Factor in real value to your marketing budget, because nothing stinks like falsehood in this business. Always, put yourself in the shoes of the person you are marketing something to, and ask yourself, would I go for this? Business ideas are all very well, but they need to be sweetened with some incentivisation.


Don’t over promise and never fail to deliver, because when you burn one bridge in an email campaign you burn a lot of potential customers. Check your email campaign on a mobile phone screen, because nearly half of all emails are read on the phone. Always, make it easy for people to unsubscribe. Do you have a clear content marketing strategy? Email marketing is all about the content it sends out and when. Cross-selling and up-selling can make your email sales far more profitable. Check out what some of the big boys and girls do, like Amazon for instance with their online marketing.