Social media is the perfect place to promote things like home décor online. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter are platforms for plenty of window shoppers. These are the modern portals, where today’s aspirational consumers and dreamers congregate in the digital sphere. You need to remember a few key points, however, because these folks are, often, just browsing. Make your tone enticing, rather than too direct or too hard sell, otherwise you will scare them off. A picture tells a thousand stories, so, use plenty of images, with some creative text to support them, but not too much text.

Selling Home Decor Online Using Social Media

Videos are fast becoming very popular on social media; and this is a great medium for home décor. Bring your furniture to life with some vignettes and short narratives. Everybody loves a quirky story! You could create some recognisable characters and viewers could follow their exploits online episodically. Don’t overdo it, but this medium definitely affords some fun and creativity. Social media aficionados respond really well to offbeat ideas. Human beings love to see other human beings acting silly, and the home décor can provide the backdrop to something curiously silly.

Hollywood Does it, You Can Do it too!

A furniture website can be linked to these image and videos, so, viewers can check out the range, price and further details. Social media can bring home décor to life. You have heard about product placement in Hollywood movies, well, here is the chance to make your own mini-movies, starring your home décor, with supporting roles played by whacky human beings. Pets can be attractive in these roles, as well, it seems, that everyone loves cute animals in the right situation. Think about more than half the ads on TV, they feature a Noah’s Ark full of quirky beasts, selling everything from telecommunications to banking.

Humour is a Golden Key

Humour is a golden key in all forms of advertising and marketing, just, don’t overdo it or do it in really bad taste. Home décor, remember is supposed to be about good taste. Keep it light on social media; it is a conversation with your network after all. Don’t get caught up in any slanging matches; you will only lose your good name in the long run. Don’t go to the well too often; once a day is plenty. It is all about engaging with your network, your community, and staying on topic. Remember selling your home décor is a consequence of that engagement.